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Big Creek Limestone Sand Reclamation

Through a partnership between Schuylkill County Conservation District, Blythe Water Authority, and Pennsylvania DEP Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation (BAMR) SHA had 330 tons of limestone sand delivered and dosed in Big Creek near New Philadelphia; a stream affected by acid rain.
On the week of Oct 3rd, Miller Bros. Construction took two days to 
deliver the limestone sand and another two days to move it into the head of the stream channel. For this project, SHA and the above mentioned partners received a grant through the 2016 Exelon Schuylkill River Restoration Fund Grant Program. SHA and BAMR have monitored prior pH/alkalinity and will be continuing post monitoring with anticipation that pH will be raised to natural levels and stormwater events will be reduced. This project aims to restore the 3.9 mile main stem to a viable coldwater fishery.

dscf9788Picture Above: This is the start of the headwaters of Big Creek before adding the limestone sand.

Pictures Below: These pictures show the limestone sand, the sand being added to the start of the headwaters of Big Creek, and the headwaters channel after the limestone sand was added and the water flowing through it.

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